Fundraising Health Center in BASECO


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Fundraising Health Center in BASECO








Life in  Baseco, an area in Manila in the Philippines, they call the Slums.  It's an area, a 'barangay' of 60.000 people that live on the edge of town, but also on the edge of life.  The many, many children of this barangay are playing in the dirt, and are often sick!

People live in self made huts, have no running water, there is no electricity and there are no sanitary facilities, just two toilets!  This barangay is fighting for a Health Center - where citizens can visit a medical doctor - and where is a real Water Distribution Point.  Clean water is the minimum they ask for.

Much more is needed, but the Health Center and  the Water Distribution Point are the basic needs these people in Baseco really want to welcome in their barangay! 
For the building of a small Health Center and a Water Distribution Point is a minimum of $ 10000 needed.  The people of Baseco count on you, With a small amount you can change their life enormously ...
With local organizations and entrepreneurs we will gather also some money, mainly needed for the exploitation of the Health Center and Water Distribution Point.

What we ask from you is to help us with the initial costs. These costs are way too much for the locals ... They earn average not even a US dollar per day! 

We are grateful for your help and welcome you any time in Manila, to show you the life in the slums of Baseco. 

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