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Talent Development Program in Baseco

Smokey Tours conducts slum tours in BASECO. Since BASECO is being used as the „tourist attraction“ for people who do the slum tours, it is a wish for Smokey Tours to give something back to the BASECO community. Ideally in a way that many BASECO residents perceive the presence of Smokey Tours as beneficial.   

A Talent Development Program will be open and accessible to all BASECO residents. The Talent Development Program will provide more continuity than a one-time project intervention.                           

  • Suitable Tour Leaders are active in the Talent Development Program. The Tour Leaders are in charge of „managing“ the weekly operations. 
  • The Talent Development Program is offering services to BASECO residents, who are looking for a job. The services offered should help the residents to be more empowered / getting a job / open to set up a business etc.
  • We have volunteers, who are offering trainings / support which interest BASECO residents on various topics. 

Our INPUT: The Services offered. 

  • CV writing and editing.
  • How to write an Application letter.
  • Speech training, body-language (e.g. how to be confident).
  • Borrowing elegant clothes for job interviews.
  • Preparation activities for job interviews.
  • Training on how to look for open jobs, online and other sources /social media and job market.
  • Training on how to use e-mails, open up email accounts if needed. 
  • Provide information on possible employers within Metro Manila. 
  • Organize job-fairs. 
  • Trainings for entrepreneurs / „how to manage your own business“.
  • On-demand trainings on specific topic / skill. 
  • Services helping to get papers: Valid ID, NBI Clearance.



  • Number of people who attended a training. 
  • Number of people who received job-coaching. 
  • Number of CVs written.
  • Number of application letters written. 
  • Number of interviews held.



  • Number of people who found a (new) job.
  • Number of people who are independently able to do a professional application. 
  • Number of new businesses opened up.
  • Empowered and more confident BASECO residents. 

At this very moment we have a 8-session Talent Development Program run by one of our volunteers, every tuesday. 



  • Lower unemployment rate in BASECO. 
  • Higher monthly average household income. 
  • Number of people / families who could leave BASECO behind.

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We want to empower, educate and train people from underprivileged communities in Metro Manila by running eye-opening tours, as well as other knowledge and cultural exchanges services. Through these services, we raise awareness about social issues, inspire individuals to bring about social change, and bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds.

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