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Smokey Tours

Smokey Tours is a part of World Experience Philippines. We conduct tours in Baseco and other places in Metro Manila to show people from around the world the other sides of Manila. Operating since 2011, Smokey Tours started with the Slum Tour. This tour takes guests to the underpriviliged communities who are living in Baseco.

Now Smokey Tours offers, besides the Slum Tour, four other tours:

By showing guests different sides of Metro Manila, Smokey Tours provides eye-openers, shares experiences and raises awareness. The purpose is to help the communities living in the slums. 100% of the proceeds of Smokey Tours are donated to CREST, a local NGO that helps the people in the slums. Since may 2017, we have opened our Health Center, we stop at the Health Center during our Slum Tour in Baseco, so you can see it with your own eyes.

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CREST is an NGO that provides typhoon and disaster relief. When there is a typhoon in Manila, the slum areas get very badly affected. After typhoons or other disasters like fires and floods have struck, CREST helps with evacuation and providing food and shelter for the victims. 

Along with disaster relief, they also provides medical and construction training for residents to prepare them for disasters. Furthermore they organize small centers like health care centers and day care centers. Peoples participation can help underpriviliged communities become more organized. CREST helps to increase the capacities of the most vulnerable sectors of society by helping them to make use of their skills and talents and be able to rely on their own cooperative initiatives in the future.

Currently CREST operates in various areas in Manila where the chance of disaster is high. Together we have opened our Health Center in Baseco.



Available & Blocked Tour Dates


Available & Blocked Tour Dates 



We want to empower, educate and train people from underprivileged communities in Metro Manila by running eye-opening tours, as well as other knowledge and cultural exchanges services. Through these services, we raise awareness about social issues, inspire individuals to bring about social change, and bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds.

Our office

Our office