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Emigration Day 11th of February 2017

You are all welcome to attend our World Experience Philippines Emigration day at saturday 11th of februari. The first part of the day is from 1PM until 4PM.

On this day expats, new comers, emigrants and travellers can get information about how to live and travel in the Philippines and what you need to arrange like Insurance and visa, how to make new friends, where to volunteer etc etc.

It is an opportunity to meet others and to share experiences. We have in our schedule, a 30 minute talk of one of our Partnerorganisations: How to prepare for Disaster? The Philippine Retirement Authorities will be with us to answer all kind of questions!  At the same time you can enjoy the Art Works of Yasmin Almonte and at 4PM our closing ceremony of this Exhibit. A good way to experience a part of the local filipino culture.


Open Desks:

  • Crest (Community Response for Enlightenment, Service and Transformation) Crest is a non-government disaster response center based in Metro Manila promoting community based disaster management where people’s participation is the core program.
  • PRA (The Philippine Retirement Authority) PRA is mandated to attract foreign nationals and former Filipino citizens to invest, reside and retire in the Philippines with the end-view of accelerating the socio-economic development of the country, contributing to the foreign currency reserve of the economy and by providing them the best quality of life in the most attractive package.
  • SweetsGalaxy For everyone who is in love with the best chocolates, candy and cookies you can find in the world. Their mission is to get lots of exclusive products to the Philippines and ship them to your homes.


  • 2 PM: How to prepare for Disaster?
  • 2.30 PM: Presentation Local Customs

WEP Desks:

Practical information

  • Date: Saturday 11th of Febraury 2017
  • Time: 1 PM till 4 PM, afterwards closing ceremony of Hardin - Yasmin Almonte
  • Location: Art Gallery Sining Kamalig, Uppergroud Floor, Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City
  • Organised in our office, an Art gallery
  • Free drinks, coffee and tea
  • Filipino music and Filipino snacks


  • Entrance is FREE 
  • SIGN UP for this day



We want to empower, educate and train people from underprivileged communities in Metro Manila by running eye-opening tours, as well as other knowledge and cultural exchanges services. Through these services, we raise awareness about social issues, inspire individuals to bring about social change, and bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds.

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