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Located in Art Gallery Sining Kamalig
Upper Ground Floor, Ali Mall, Araneta Center,
Quezon City General Romulo Avenue Quezon City,
Metro Manila The Philippines
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SRRV Experiences

Testimonial of Joris

I am staying in the Philippines since 1996. I was sent here to work for a Dutch company. I left in 2001, but I came back in 2004 to start my own business.
The things I like most about the Philippines are the people, the weather and the opportunities. A weaker point of the Philippines might be the ‘bahala na’ attitude.

Now I am an active ‘retiree’. I do have a SRRV, but I am still active in business. I am enjoying life. I like to play golf, dive, bike and the food. In my country of origin you have the privilege that the social system is pretty strong, although not as strong as 10-20 years ago. All in all I am satisfied with PRA, they always served me well. I would recommend retirees of other nationalities to reside in the Philippines, if you do like the lifestyle and can adjust to the local culture, the Philippines is a great place to live in! 


We want to empower, educate and train people from underprivileged communities in Metro Manila by running eye-opening tours, as well as other knowledge and cultural exchanges services. Through these services, we raise awareness about social issues, inspire individuals to bring about social change, and bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds.

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